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Together with an international research team from ETH Zurich Grisons company wins Innovation Voucher supported by Climate-KIC


Climate-KIC supports Bagno Sasso Mobili with a voucher of CHF 50’000 for the development of biodegradable washbasins, which later will be used in the modular "House of the Future" NEST. At the project NEST the company will meet international research teams, universities, polytechnics and innovative companies. NEST is dedicated to the research and development of building and insulating materials, residential facilities and energy management and is supported by the EMPA, EAWAG, Climate KIC, the Canton of Zurich, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and other partners.

Climate-KIC supports the SME Innovation Voucher and the project of Bagno Sasso Mobili, a washbasin made of hydrophobic woods and a water-saving faucet (Swiss Eco Tap the acqua saver), has been selected as one of the winning projects and got a voucher of CHF 50’000. The project is realized by the ETH Zurich, NEST and Bagno Sasso Mobili. For several years Bagno Sasso Mobili is working on the development of biodegradable natural stone washbasins and bath tubs. Rolf Senti, CEO of Bagno Sasso Mobili and Eco Swiss Tap: «The products are made of natural stone veneers and organoid structures such as grass, straw, etc. and are therefore 100 percent biodegradable. The method is also suitable for bathtubs, so they would only weigh 50 kg compared with 700 to 800 kg for a solid-tub and can be used anywhere. The stone is very thinly cut in a special process and the washbasin or bathtub is covered with this veneer. With the support of the Climate-KIC voucher and expertise from research and science, we can advance this project sustainable and can test the first prototypes in the modular research building NEST». 
NEST stands for «Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies». In the modular building, which is built on the site of the EMPA in Dübendorf, environment-friendly fittings (Swiss Eco Tap the acqua saver) and biodegradable washbasins from Bagno Sasso Mobili will be integrated. NEST is supported by EMPA, EAWAG, Climate-KIC, the Canton of Zurich, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, and other important partners. 

The most energy efficient faucet worldwide saves 100% of energy and reduces the water consumption by 90%. The Swiss Eco Tap is already in use in the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel «Aquaturm» in Radolfzell / Germany as well as at the headquarter of eBay Switzerland and at the international airport of Timisoara, Romania.
Swiss Eco Tap the acqua saver has already been awarded with the German Innovation Award as «best product 2014» and wins the SBID International Design Excellence Award in the category «Contract Products». Furthermore, Swiss Eco Tap has been nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland, the German Design Award, the Global Cleantech Customer Association Award (GCCA Award), the Zurich Climate Prize and the Swiss Ethic Prize. More information at:,,

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